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Survey: Consumers Looking for More Innovation in Healthcare

A new study that surveyed more than 1,000 US adults found that the desire and need for innovation in healthcare is greater now more than ever. A recent study performed by health marketing company Klick Health, conducted by Maru/ Matchbox, surveyed more than 1,000 U.S adults in regards to innovation in today’s health care industries. According to the survey, “only 17 percent of consumers perceive health-related industries as being most innovative today.” The findings ultimately concluded that Americans would like to see more innovative technology in healthcare.

In today’s healthcare environment – where consumers have become more proactive with the management of their health – it is no wonder that innovative technology in is desired. The survey also states that “41 percent of Americans have used innovative technology to help manage their health.” The data represented in the survey demonstrates the current shift from a passive to proactive consumer.

The increased demand for innovative technology, along with the shift in the consumer’s attitude, reflect not only the willingness, but the necessity, to adopt creative new ways to manage our health. openDoctor provides an online and mobile platform for an ideal scheduling experience, even in complex scheduling environments.

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