Feature List

Everything you need for scheduling automation and patient engagement.

Real-time Appointments

Real-time, just like booking an airline ticket. No requests. No work queues. No telephone tag. No manual intervention. Real-time!

Advanced Scheduling Logic

No matter the appointment complexity, family medicine to radiology, our advance scheduling logic allows for a straightforward consumer experience, both repeatable and recommendable. We also stay within the current workflows of your EHR/RIS.

Multiple Location Support

No Problem! Our scheduling logic matches patients to the right exam, location or resource every time. No more guess work and scheduling confusion.

Appointment Reminder Engine

Notification system allows you to customize the content and delivery schedule for texts, emails and voice reminders.

Insurance Eligibility Check

Eligibility check in real-time before the patient schedules the appointment.

Paperless Forms & Registration

Customizable smart forms that remember your patients so each visit becomes more consumer friendly. Easy to use, nothing to print and sent to you as you need them

Mobile Check-in

Patients can check-in to appointments, register, and complete forms all from their own or supplied mobile device.

Online Payments

Patients can seamlessly pay outstanding balances and co-pays within the scheduling workflow for enhanced revenue cycle management.

Post-Appointment Reports

Patients and referring providers can receive post-appointment, automated reports.

Analytics & Workflow Tools

Track your analytics in real-time to learn more about how your patients are scheduling online.


openDoctor's features are both mobile friendly and designed for use on all mobile devices


Build your brand by allowing patients to spend more time on your website, not your vendors.

Easy Integration

We have advanced experience with interfaced via HL7 and APIs for multiple systems successfully.

Mobile App

We can provide you with your own white label app, allowing consumers easy access to managing their healthcare appointments.

Orders-Driven Workflows

Expedite the scheduling process by using the order to trigger messages to patients to schedule online, in real-time.

Referring Provider/Call Center Scheduling

openDoctor isn't just for patients. Expand your reach through our referring provider portal and reduce scheduling errors for call center staff.

Our features work together and independently

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